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Book, 120 x 180 mm, 152 pages, hardcover. Graphic design, cover illustration and photographs by My Hellsten

Graphic design for »Kroppsligheten«, a story set in Rio de Janeiro about a young man on search for a lost or impossible love affair by the Brazilian author J. P. Cuenca, Bokförlaget Tranan. The narrator searches for purity by dirtying himself in the precarious moments that life presents him with. He goes through days, streets and women – swallowed up by the night, dazzled by the sun – on a search looking for feelings that have been lost forever in a world that has become too cynical, too violent, too sexualised. The book’s three main characters – the narrator, Carmen and Alberto – form an endless and diverse eternal triangle, intertwined: they are lovers, enemies, mothers, daughters, pimps, acquaintances, living, dead.