Book, 132 x 184 mm, 336 pages, hardcover. Graphic design and cover illustration by My Hellsten

Graphic design for the novel »Dublinesk« by the spanish author Enrique Vila-Matas, Bokförlaget Tranan. The main character Samuel Riba ran for long a prestigious publishing house in Barcelona, but a personal collapse has forced him to an early retirement. He is increasingly prone to attacks of anxiety and worries a lot about the future of the book. Riba sets off for Dublin on the pretext that he wishes to honour James Joyce’s Ulysses, and to hold, on Bloomsday, a funeral for the age of print. Enrique Vila-Matas traces a journey that connects the worlds of Joyce and Beckett, revealing the difficulties faced by literary authors, publishers, and good readers in a society where literature is losing influence.