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Book, 132 x 184 mm, 206 pages, hardcover. Graphic design and cover illustration by My Hellsten

Graphic design for the novel »Bartleby & Co« by the spanish author Enrique Vila-Matas, Bokförlaget Tranan. Bartleby & Co is an exposé of the writers in literature history who decide not to write. It’s about those who turned away, and what their silence says. The novel is written as footnotes to a text that does not exist, and it meditates on presence, silence and absence, on the nature of the refusal and on questions as why do we write, why do we exist? »Bartleby & Co« by Vila-Matas is the second novel of several that Bokförlaget Tranan will publish. The cover art of the books will relate in style. On this book the illustration is made up by type bars from a typewriter.